Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Team Work Counts in Probate and Trust Real Estate Sales

Buyers and sellers of probate real estate do not really realize how much work is required to put a property on the market and to position it to sell quickly. At the Sanborn Team we work closely with the law firm that is handling the Estate/Conservatorship or Trust matter to assure that when a property is placed on the market all issues that may exist have been resolved.

This past week we have had several examples of how we all work together to assure the buyer/seller that the process is seamless and will go without a hitch. For example...

We received a petition for the sale of a property from a law firm, but discovered a calculation error on the over-bid amount. We identified it so that the petition could be properly amended before it came before the Probate Court.

Another petition was received and we noticed that the address was incorrect (a simple typo), but again we were able to notify everyone so the petition could be amended.

We are currently working closely with an administrator, the attorney for the estate, Escrow of the West (Marcine Kline) and California Title (Bill Thomas) to clear up title issues on a property that we are getting ready to place on the market. Everyone involved knows how urgent it is to clear up the problems and they are all working together to expedite the process.

At the Sanborn Team we value our partners and know how vital they are to helping us solve problems.

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