Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cash is King in the Probate Marketplace

According to DataQuick, which gathers and maintains statistics on the real estate industry, an average of about 10.6 percent of Los Angeles County home purchases made in the last ten years were all cash sales, that is, bought without a mortgage. In January 2010 and January 2011, that number spiked to right around 25 percent.

DataQuick explains: “For the past couple of years all-cash deals have become far more common in lower-cost markets where prices have dropped sharply, luring investors and other buyers who either can't qualify for a traditional mortgage, or who simply view housing as a relatively attractive place to park their money. Moreover, using cash can get you to the head of the line if there are multiple offers on a property, given sellers favor the relative speed and certainty of all-cash transactions.”

Not surprising that we would find that kind of head-of-the-line thinking among buyers making offers on probate properties. Such buyers have the flexibility to over-bid in court when the opportunity presents itself and to grab undervalued probate homes for family, or resale. Cash can also be critically important when as-is probate properties need extensive repairs and don’t meet the bank’s standards for a loan.

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