Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Probate Market: Prices Down, Investors Up

The newspaper isn’t exactly bringing home the recovery reports we’ve been hoping for. While lower-than-ever prices are good news for buyers, they’re discouraging to sellers who have been holding on for an improved market – or those, like probate sellers, who are disposing of real property on the court’s schedule.

If most buyers are feeling a little cautious these days, investors are encouraged by market conditions, according to a survey reported by Inman News. Asking about anticipated purchases in the next two years, interviewers found that a third of investors plan to buy during that time, while only 8.6 percent of home-seekers expect to make a deal. In the two-to-five year time frame, investors outnumber residence-seekers three to one.

What does that mean for people who need a place to live? Make a plan: talk with your lender and get pre-approved so you know exactly what you can afford. Work with your Realtor to locate homes that meet your needs. Look for quality homes offered for sale through probate or trust. Talk with a probate expert. Follow the court’s instructions. Make the best offer you can.

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