Monday, June 30, 2008

Private vs. Public Probate Real Estate Sales

Talk about something that is confusing…. Who knows what a Public Real Estate Sale is? And what makes something a Private Real Estate Sale?

Currently there is a lot of interest in auctioning properties. It is the new, new thing (actually we saw this same trend in the late 90s during the last real estate downturn). People seem to think that an auction is going to bring in more money for a property than using the time-tested methods that The Sanborn Team has employed for the past 25 years of selling Probate and Trust Real Estate Properties.

Throughout our Probate and Trust Real Estate career, we have gotten our clients top dollar for their properties regardless of the market conditions—rising, falling or flat.

The advantages of listing with The Sanborn Team as opposed to listing your property with an auctioneer are as follows:

  • The property, which is listed in all the local Multiple Listing Services and on all the major Internet search engines, can be visited online 24/7.

  • The property is advertised for sale until the date it is confirmed at the court hearing.

  • We cooperate with all other real estate companies and real estate agents, which gets you the widest exposure to potential buyers.

  • We have a strategy for getting people to come to court to overbid.

  • The property will be shown up to the date of the sale. Unlike most of the auctioneers, we do not limit our showings to two or three previews prior to the auction.

  • The buying public has total access to information about the overbid price and the court date and time.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have by emailing us at or calling us at 310-777-2858.

P.S.: The answer to the question is: A Public Sale is an auction and a Private Sale is when a real estate company is hired.