Monday, March 28, 2011

Pricing it right for 2011

Pricing it right for 2011

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s time to mention (again) the importance of right-pricing for sellers who are serious about selling their property.

Emerging from the long-haul misery of a depressed market, we’ve noticed that there’s a little “magical realism” circulating among some sellers. Now that things are improving, these sellers seem to think, prices should bounce right back to where they were in 2006.

We don’t think that this market, or today’s buyers, will welcome higher prices. In fact, price seems to be one of the major factors keeping buyers away from new listings. With plenty of foreclosures and short sales still on the market, buyers are looking for opportunity they can afford.

Buyers are doing their home-work. They’re spending time searching online, studying values and making lists of essential and optional features. They know what they can afford – and how they’ll pay – and they’re ready to act when all the pieces fall into place.

Sellers might take a page from the buyer’s book: think like a buyer. Search the market as if you’re buying, not selling. Visit open houses and look at properties for sale that are similar to yours. Note particularly how long a property has been on the market because that often says something significant about the price.

There’s a right price in every market. The right price for 2011 is slightly below market so it attracts sellers and agents in good number and may even land the home in multiple-offer territory.

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