Thursday, March 03, 2011

Is paperwork different in a Probate Sale?

With a keen insight of the marketplace and familiarity of the Probate Code, The Sanborn Team handles the sale of real property through Probate & Trust accurately and promptly. As you may know, the sale of property through Probate & Trust is not the same as the sale of property outside of the court system. Probate and Trust sales require special disclosures, listing agreements and purchase contracts.*
Since the seller of a probate has usually never lived in the decedent's or conservatee's house, they are not required to fill out certain disclosures that express the condition of the property. These disclosures are:

  • Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • Earthquake Hazards Report
  • Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory
  • Local Area Disclosures
  • Seller Property Questionnaire
  • Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure

Also, the listing agreement and purchase contract are different as well. Probate & Conservatorship listings must be on the Probate Purchase Listing Agreement and all offers must be on Probate Purchase Agreement.

You may also know that when it comes to the sale of real property through probate and trust, not all agents are created equal! Lack of experience can only lead to the trustee/administrator to fail finding the best buyer and fail to provide the correct paperwork that protects the trustee/administrator. Although to many real estate agents the sale of probate seems similar enough to a traditional transaction, this sale takes a comprehensive understanding of the court requirements.

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* These forms are created by the California Association of Realtors