Thursday, October 25, 2007

Probate Real Estate Experts

When you work with the Sanborn Team in selling your Real Estate we work on simplifying the complicated process of selling a home that is in Probate or in a Trust. We are currently in the midst of a changing market so now more then ever you need to work with an expert. The Sanborn Team has been selling Real Estate in the greater Los Angeles area (including the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley) for over 27 years.

Over those years we have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest attorneys, fiduciaries and paralegals in the area. With their help we have gained the knowledge to assist you in having an uneventful experience when it comes to selling Real Estate.

Many people claim to have the information that you need to assist you in selling your home, but very few have the knowledge that comes with our years of experience.

Over the years we have assisted more people with selling homes that are in Probate or Trust then any other team in the Greater Los Angeles area.

When you truly want to work with knowledgeable and professional agents call the Sanborn Team at 310-777-2858 or visit our web site at