Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Legal Description of Real Estate

You may hear attorneys, real estate agents, title officers or escrow officers refer to the legal description of a property. So what exactly is the legal description?

The legal description describes what the real property is, where it is located, who is the owner, contains the tax assessor number, tract code, and lot number. This description defines the actual real estate.

The other day before a court hearing, we noticed that the legal description that was in the preliminary title report was different than the legal description in the court petition. This can be a big problem because if the legal description in the court petition does not match exactly the legal description in the preliminary title report, then you could be selling the wrong property.

Fortunately, due to our experience and our diligence in making sure that our client and attorney are ready for the court confirmation, we caught the mistake before the court hearing to confirm the sale of the property. Thus the attorney was able to fix the typo that was in the legal description on the court petition.

Experience and knowledge are golden when it comes to selling real estate through probate and trust. So working with an agent that specializes in probate and trust real estate is crucial and in the end, ends up saving everyone time and most of all money. The Sanborn Team has been listing, selling and marketing probate real estate for over 25 years and throughout Greater Los Angeles area.

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