Friday, October 05, 2007

Can Any Real Estate Agent Sell a Probate Property?

Why is it important to work with a real estate agent who is an expert in the sale and marketing of probate and trust properties?

When confronted with the task of selling real property through probate or trust the idea can be daunting. Probate and Trust real estate transactions are not the same as a traditional transaction. There are different requirements and it's important to be aware of these differences and work with a real estate agent that can protect you as the administrator of the estate and achieve the goal of getting the highest price possible for the property.

As an administrator you are faced with two tasks when selling real property. First you have to get the highest amount for the property for the estate, and second you have to work with representatives that will protect you.

Working with a real estate agent that lacks experience in selling real property through probate and trust, can result in finding the wrong buyer who clearly does not understands the terms of the sale and who does not close escrow. Although to many real estate agents the sale of probate seems similar enough to a traditional transaction, this sale take a comprehensive understanding of the court requirements. A real estate agent must have a unique and powerful marketing plan to insure that the property is sold for the highest amount possible at the court hearing.

When interviewing real estate agents for the sale of a probate and trust property you will realize that it is crucial to work with someone that understands these specific types of sales and has experience in dealing with probate and trust. The Sanborn Team brings you and your clients, 25 plus years of experience in marketing and selling probate and trust properties.

With a keen insight of the marketplace and a familiarity of the Probate Code, The Sanborn Team handles the sale of real property accurately and promptly and communication is always clear. As you know, the sale of real property through probate and trust is not the same as a traditional transaction. Probate and trust sales require special disclosures and listing agreements, and most importantly a unique marketing strategy.

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