Thursday, April 14, 2011

Streamlining Probate and Trust Sales with Electronic Signatures

Anyone who has been involved in a real estate transaction in the last 15 years knows that it takes a lot of trees to sell or buy a piece of property. Even as listing and purchase contracts have increasingly favored electronic over paper formatting, pages would still need to be printed to secure and distribute the necessary signatures on all the required documents.

DocuSign has changed all that – and The Sanborn Team’s clients love it.

In short, with DocuSign, documents (such as contracts, disclosure forms, instructions, etc.) are uploaded and sent by e-mail. The recipient (buyer/seller) receives an e-mail, clicks on Review Documents and is guided through the document. The recipient selects or writes a signature, signs the document and follows instructions to complete the transmission. In addition to a full signature, the signer can also initial certain provisions in the document, just as with a paper contract. DocuSign also has a sign-on-paper option, if preferred.

Transactions are password protected and secure, streamlined and fast, while eliminating paper and document transportation costs. All that’s needed is a browser or a mobile device (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android).

After federal ESIGN legislation established electronic records and signatures as legally binding, DocuSign pioneered e-signature technology in 2003. Today the company has more than 4.5 million unique users and 97% of Fortune 100 companies have used DocuSign.

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