Friday, April 01, 2011

Collaborating for Successful Probate and Trust Sales

The Sanborn Team offers a comprehensive array of real estate services for those selling real property through probate, trust and conservatorship.

At The Sanborn Team, we take the word Team very seriously. Beyond disclosures and documentation, knowledge of Probate Code and court requirements, counseling of buyers, sellers and agents, and aggressive marketing of property, we also bring access to experienced professionals who understand the complexities of court-administered sales.

  • We cooperate with other real estate companies and real estate agents to offer sellers the widest exposure to potential buyers.
  • We interact with a network of skilled local agents who can provide showings and other on-site services in communities throughout Southern California.
  • We work with escrow officers who have years of experience with probate contracts, including specialized disclosures, inspection reports and the need for on-time precision to meet the court’s demands.
  • We work with title officers who provide critical historic information on properties in probate.
  • We counsel buyers’ agents to assure that buyers are prepared to bid or overbid with the necessary timing and paperwork.
  • We bring in property-readiness services to make the most of “as-is” sales.
  • We cooperate with the preferences, presentation methods and contract terms of attorneys.

Our services save time, expedite the transaction and assure that if a higher price can be attained for the property, it will be.

At The Sanborn Team, we are comfortable with clients, other agents, attorneys, fiduciaries, administrators, conservators, trustees, accountants, executors, court personnel and other parties to the transaction. Our business is to achieve the highest selling price for the heirs.

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