Monday, August 30, 2010

Professional Investors Move Into Flipping Foreclosed Properties

An August article in the LA Times noted a surge in “flipping foreclosed homes” by wealthy individuals and equity funds. Flipping is a buy- low, fix- up, sell-high strategy that has worked for entrepreneurial types, who often move from house to house along the way. Today’s “flippers” are taking advantage of deeply discounted prices at public auctions to buy extremely low, make wholesale improvements and turn a quick profit. To read the complete article, click here: Professional investors move into flipping foreclosed homes -

The article definitely caught our attention since we are seeing the very same thing with our Probate and Trust listings. This is especially so with our probate sales in South Los Angeles County. For example, a property we sold recently on 29th Street, near USC generated huge interest from investors. We had at least five over- bidders in court and the property went for nearly twice what we listed it for! The investment group that purchased it will turn it into student housing.

The heirs and professional fiduciaries we work with put a lot of trust in our ability to sell these properties quickly and at the best possible price. This is validation of The Sanborn Team’s commitment to negotiating deals, anticipating roadblocks and getting top dollar for the estate’s number one asset.

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