Monday, March 31, 2008

Why it's important to work with a Probate Real Estate Agent Expert

Whatever the Market Conditions,

Your Home is Usually Your Biggest Asset

While headlines shout the downturn of the real estate market, The Sanborn Team continues to sell real property through Probate and Trust to help families, conservatees and beneficiaries get the most from their assets.

Just last week we had a property in Laurel Canyon that was going to court confirmation. Unlike most agents, we continued to advertise and show the property up to the day of the court hearing to insure that all interested buyers were aware that they could purchase the property in court, as an over-bidder.

This property was a probate sale that required court confirmation because the property was held by an elderly woman who was receiving care under a conservatorship. Thus the proceeds from the sale would go directly to her to make sure she has the proper care.

On the day of the hearing we did have an over-bidder and the property sold for more than anyone expected.

This success is in a softening market is a testament to The Sanborn Team's strategy for pricing, marketing and presenting Trust and Probate properties. It is a validation of The Sanborn Team's commitment to negotiating deals, anticipating roadblocks and getting top dollar for the estate's number one asset.

The Sanborn Team are real estate agents specializing in the sale of probate and trust... We are here to simplify your business. We use our 25-plus years of experience to get the job done and get the most for a property.

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