Monday, March 24, 2008

A Joyful Probate Real Estate Sale

The Sanborn Team...Who Says…

Who says that probate real estate sales can’t be fun?

We spent many months marketing a small piece of commercial property on Pico Boulevard. The Conservator of the Estate finally accepted an offer in late November 2007 and the hearing to confirm the sale took place last week in Santa Monica.

At the hearing the first overbid was set for $446,750.

The initial buyer and two over-bidders showed up for the hearing. The overbidding on the property was very active. At one point we thought that the bidding was finished and the judge was announcing the property sold when the original bidder jumped back in!

The property was finally sold to one of the over-bidders for $600,000 and while everyone was congratulating the buyer, a gentleman in the back of the courtroom jumped up and started playing a catchy tune on his harmonica. It was the father of the successful buyer!

When he was finished, he received a rousing round of applause. Everyone agreed that it was a first, and everyone loved it, including the judge.

Who knew that our marketing efforts could bring so much joy to the Santa Monica Court?

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