Monday, May 14, 2012

Selling Celebrity

The Sanborn Team was recently the listing agent for a celebrity property in the gated community known as The Summit. A property under conservatorship, the listing and sale were managed much like a probate and subject to court confirmation.

Not surprisingly, celebrity-owned properties, wherever they are and whomever the star, attract abundant interest from the media, the public and even from other real estate agents. Everyone wants a look inside. People want to know the star’s secrets.

But, as listing agents, our job is not only to get the property sold, but also to protect the privacy of the owner. In this case, that meant assisting the conservator to make the most of the property, carefully monitoring access to the residence, marketing it aggressively and representing the conservator and conservatee in court.

It was a strategy that worked. The property was placed on the market for $2.995 million and sold for $4.2 million.

For publicity, celebrities have publicists; for real estate sales through probate, trust, conservatorship or standard transaction, they have The Sanborn Team.

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