Friday, February 10, 2012

Overbidders in Probate Court today!

Another exciting day for The Sanborn Team in Probate Court today. We had three overbidders as well as the original Buyer. And we are happy to report that it went to the highest bidder and we got nearly 20% more than the accepted offer! The Sanborn Team works hard to get top dollar for the estates we work with. In many cases, it's their number one asset.

We have several exciting Probate properties coming up. Stand by!

The Sanborn Team continues to sell real property through Trust and Probate in any market! We have been helping families and beneficiaries get the most from their assets for over 30 years. To view our Probate listings, please visit our website at: Or call us at 310-777-2858. We welcome your inquiries!