Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Probate Term - What is a Conservatorship?

The Sanborn Team specializes in the sale of Probate and Trust properties, specifically Court Approval real estate sales. We work very closely with Probate attorneys, Conservators, Executors, Trustees, and professional fiduciaries.

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A Conservatorship is a legal process in which the court appoints a person to make financial decisions for another person who is determined to be financially incapable to make those decisions. A conservatorship proceeding is a different legal proceeding than guardianship; it may be done independent from or jointly with a guardianship proceeding.

More briefly, conservatorship is the legal right given to a person to manage the property and financial affairs of a person deemed incapable of doing that for himself or herself.

Sometimes real property in a conservatorship must be sold and the terms of the sale are like those of a probate sale. All properties in a conservatorship require court confirmation.

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