Monday, September 12, 2011

Probate Real Estate Could Be Your Pot of Gold!

Attention Buyers who are looking for Real Estate opportunities. The Probate
Real Estate marketplace may be your pot of gold!

In a struggling real estate market, many homeowners who don't have to sell
will choose to wait until conditions improve. However, regardless of the market,
selling real property when someone has died may not be an option. With an
unusual volume of foreclosed properties pulling housing prices downward, the
prices for Probate properties are also pulled down. What this means for today's
home buyers is that they may get more house for their money and they may also
find it in the neighborhood of their dreams!

Unlike foreclosed or bank-owned (REO) properties, in which the buyer
negotiates their purchase with the institution that owns the property, Probate
purchases may be negotiated directly with the owners or their representatives.
(In some cases this process requires court confirmation.) This will allow a
buyer to move forward with a purchase.

Probate Real Estate opportunities exist in every neighborhood and every
price range, but buyer beware! Secure your financing and make sure your real
estate agent understands and explains Probate policies, disclosures and court
proceedings. We see opportunity in this market-and of course we would be happy
to help you find it!

The Sanborn Team has been selling Probate and Trust properties all over
Southern California for 30 plus years. We work with Probate Attorneys,
Fiduciaries, Trustees and Heirs on a regular basis and understand the Probate
Court system very well. We are happily busy having already sold many properties
this year and still counting!

To view our Probate listings and to learn more about The Sanborn Team, your
Probate and Trust Real Estate specialists, please visit our website at:
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