Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Overbidders in Probate Court!

Yesterday was an exciting day in court with two of our three properties sold well over the starting bid. Even though these properties went to court twice and got postponed both times, we were still able to sell the properties for more than we ever thought. The Sanborn Team is dedicated to aggressive marketing on all of our listings, and we continue to show and advertise each of our listings up until the court hearing. The recent overbidding in court is a sign of our commitment to obtaining the most we can for the estates we work with.

1522 W. 105th sold for $155,000, and the starting bid was $121,355! 1041 W. 48th Street sold for $170,000 and the starting bid was $132,932! 113 E. 231st Street sold for $260,375. We were pleasantly surprised at the number of buyers that showed up on these properties. It goes to show you that the market is really picking up especially in the South LA area.

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