Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pricing for Recovery

With the media reflecting a degree of optimism about the economy, this is no time to lose your head over real estate prices. You’ve heard this refrain from The Sanborn Team before, and it’s more vital now than ever: price it right, get it sold.

Sellers who insist on high asking prices end up with fewer viewings, fewer offers and fewer sales. Instead of putting money in their pockets when they need it, they end up with a house that quickly goes from “new” to “stale” on the market.

Getting homes sold in today’s market is all about pricing for today. That means looking at very recent sales, looking at similar properties on the market that might tempt the same buyers and then settling on a price that is a notch below everyone else. Yes, below! That little downward tick will attract buyers and their agents and might even get the property enough attention that it will draw multiple offers!

The real value of your house in this economy is not the highest price you can get a real estate agent to agree to, but the highest price a buyer will pay!

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