Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Probate and Trust Real Estate Update

Two Probate Court Real Estate Sales in One Day

Who can explain the real estate market? One never knows what to expect when you go to probate court.

Today we had two properties sell. The first was a small house just south of Downtown Los Angeles that had an accepted offer for $115,000. We had numerous calls on the property and many people asking us to fax instructions for how to overbid in court. As recently as last night I had a request for information on how the check for the overbid was to be filled out. You can imagine our surprise this morning when the attorney for the estate called out in court asking if anyone was there to overbid and no one responded.

On the other hand, we had a second sale today on a property that has been on the market for over 8 months. Due to several technical problems, the sale was delayed numerous times. The original buyers for the property had appeared in court several times, only to have their efforts to buy the home delayed due to problems for the estate. During the last several weeks prior to this hearing there was a sudden burst of activity, with showings several times a week. One couple decided to do both a physical inspection and a termite inspection. Today the couple appeared in court and there was very active bidding on the property.

The initial over bid was $998,000 and the property ultimately sold for $1,141,000. The difference between the accepted offer and the final sales price was was cl0se t0 $200,000. Needless to say everyone involved was pleasantly surprised with the result. Once again we felt that our marketing efforts paid off.

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