Friday, May 02, 2008

Can you believe it? We have Overbidding in Court!

The Buyers Are Out There!

Ignore the headlines! Sure, the price of gas is unimaginable, there are sub-prime woes and there is a huge credit crunch… But believe it or not, we are still getting buyers to come to court and overbid on our probate properties.

As you may know, many probate real estate sales require court confirmation. The Sanborn Team has a unique and powerful marketing strategy when it comes to selling real estate through probate. After the initial bid is accepted, we continue to advertise, show the property and make all potential buyers aware that they can come to court and purchase the property for at least 5% more. We recently had a property located in Laurel Canyon that went to court and sold to an overbidder. This property was a big fixer and some even considered it to be a tear down.

We are seeing overbidding in court more than usual because the initial bids that are accepted are either at or just below the list price. Even with the 5% addition to the property price, buyers still see value and feel that these properties are worth the opening bid amount.

Note: it is also important that the buyer who makes the initial bid on the property calculate what the opening bid will be by adding the 5% plus $500 to the offer they have presented.

To find out more how we are getting overbidding in court, please visit us at or call our office for a free no obligation meeting at 310-777-2858.