Monday, January 21, 2008

Get a Home Inspection: Tip for Buying Probate Real Estate

Most of the time when buyers find real estate for sale through probate or trust, there is not a seller to explain the condition of the property and its important systems, such as roof, plumbing, and electrical, and or even minor things, such as the garbage disposal.

Normally, during purchase negotiations, the buyer and seller agree not only on price but also on contingency periods. But when real estate is sold through probate or trust, often the seller will not accept any offer that includes contingencies--even investigation contingencies.

Since probate and trust buyers will not be able to make their offer contingent upon a satisfactory inspection, they can avoid costly "surprises" by hiring a professional inspector to conduct a general inspection before they make an offer on the property. The inspector examines the condition of the home, so the buyers know what they are buying and what repair expenses they need to anticipate.

A home inspection can cost anywhere between $400 and $700 (the price can be substantially higher for apartment buildings). The price is based upon the size of the house and if there is a pool or spa. The inspection will include plumbing, electrical, roof and overall physical condition of the property. The buyers should be present at the inspection and should freely ask the inspector questions.

This inspection is just the starting point. It maybe necessary to hire other inspectors that specialize in specific problems to find out what will need to be done to alleviate significant and future problems with a property.

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