Friday, December 14, 2007

A Tale From the Probate Court: Importance of Market Exposure

Just last week we had a sale of a property in court. To our surprise there was someone there at the court hearing objecting to the sale of the property because they were claiming that the property did not have proper market exposure and felt that the property was selling below market price. This person wanted to stop the sale and request that the property not be sold at that time. The judge asked us to explain our marketing efforts, and the judge decided to continue on with the sale.

Since the property was listing with us, The Sanborn Team, who are real estate probate experts, this person's objection had no validity. The Sanborn Team specializes in selling probate real estate and especially properties that require court confirmation. When you list with The Sanborn Team, the real property will receive maximum exposure and we guarantee we will get you the highest and best price.

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