Monday, August 27, 2007

We're Getting Multiple Offers on Our Listings. How do we do it?

So why is The Sanborn Team still getting multiple offers on their properties? Since they are probate sales, most of our properties tend to be fixers with years of deferred maintenance. Although some people think that the market is crashing and burning and all buyers and investors are running to the hills, we are still getting more than ever for our listings. So the question is: what does The Sanborn Team do that’s different from other agents?

The most important component to selling a home is price. PRICE! It’s about pricing the property so it creates its own market. We want the buyers to be Bees and have them swarm our properties. Our strategy has worked and here are some recent examples:

A property in San Gabriel was listed just below market and we obtained 18 offers just after 10 days and sold the property for $100,000 over asking. Although we did expect to get about $25,000 more than we listed it for, $100,000 was a shock. Apparently buyers and investors see the potential in this house and we were able to create enough Buzzing that we got more than we ever expected

A property located in Hacienda Heights received 7 offers after being on the market for 10 days. Why? We priced it low enough to get the buyers to buzz around and we sold it for over asking.

So it seems if you put out a nicely priced hive you’ll get buyers buzzing like crazy.

If you are having trouble selling your property, call us today and we'll make it happen!